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A tech focused lifestyle blog about anything and everything.

We are two brothers based in Sweden, both working full time with startups, writing this blog in our spare time. Some things we cover are productivity, technology, self-development, and investing.

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Life is such a mystery. Between brief moments of clarity, it all just seems to flash by. My brother (co-blogger) and I refer to this as “the fog” (which we got from one of our favourite blogs). But maybe it’s not so strange. In many ways, modern life is engineered to have a clear path from birth to death, with education -> work -> retirement, and diverging from it is often stressful (and even socially frowned upon).

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This is part I of a multi-post series where I try to learn more about angel investing, spoken from a “retail investors” point of view. Background I’ve been thinking about finance and accessibility. I was 22 years old when I heard that investing money every month in the stock market (global index funds) is a financially sound thing to do. This wasn’t taught to me in school. In fact, I can’t remember anything being taught at all on the topic of personal finance.

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As human beings we seem to live in a constant struggle between desire and contentment. How many times have we not heard conflicting advice such as “Be happy with what you’ve got”, and at the same time pursue progress in every aspect of life? And since life at the most basic level means striving for survival, being satisfied seems to contradict our DNA. The concept of “the knowledge of enough”, or simply contentment is to be found all across human cultures and religions, and probably for good reasons.

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